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Public Relations

Public Relations Rules & Guidelines

Teams will consist of 2-4 members from College Park

Presentation Information

1. Each presentation will be 5-8 minutes in length. During that time period, team members should inform and involve the ADULT group regarding the Texas FFA and what it represents. The team should assume that the judging committee has no knowledge of the FFA.

2. Electronic devices may be used during the presentation.

3. All team members should participate equally.

4. Must wear official dress.

5. No costumes.

6. Teams will be penalized for going over or under the time limit.

7. Dare to be different!

8. Team members are to retain their individuality and not assume false characterizations.

Evaluation Information

1. Questions will be asked at the conclusion of the presentation.

2. Questions will be about the presentation and the FFA.

Public Relations Team Questions

1. What are some of the opportunities the FFA has to offer? 
2. How can I join the FFA? 
3. What do you do in Agriscience classes? 
4. Why is the uniform so special? 
5. What can I get out of the FFA? 
6. What kind of people join the FFA? 
7. I have heard that the FFA is all about showing animals, is that true? 
8. What do you as an individual participate in as a member of the FFA? 
9. Im not going to be a farmer or even in agriculture when I grow-up, so why would I even consider the FFA?


LDE Questions Matt Turner 2/9/2010 56 KB



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