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CP CISD Item Requests- You must email either Agriculture Teacher to request school-owned items to take to shows. They will document the check-out and check-in dates. Please send an email with the item you need, expected dates needed, and planned return dates. Items should be returned in the gooseneck for the teachers to put back into storage. It is recommended that you coordinate with one of the Ag teachers to get your item out on a barn workday, if possible. (Tuesdays for Mrs. Hailey, Wednesdays for Mrs. Burris)

Personal items should be brought to prospect shows if you choose to go. You can request one blower (except for if only one is left at the barn) and CP signs.


School-Owned Items you can request for major shows only:

-Grooming Chute

-Stall Dividers




-CP Showboxes

CISD medications will only be given in the direction of an Agriculture teacher for liability purposes. The CP scales are not allowed to leave the barn.


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