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Beef Cattle
All cattle should be bought around Feb-March time, or fall around 8 months old by august and owned before september. If you are interested, please see Ms. Moreland about it before purchasing one. Validation days are earlier than other animals. We will have two livestock meetings a year; you must attend one. 

If you are raising an animal, you will need to turn in the livestock form found in your barn handbook and the dues if kept at the barn before you buy the animal. We would like to set up a breeder for you to visit, and we will meet you there to transport or just to help you select. If you have your own breeder, please let Ms. Moreland know when you will be going to buy it, if you need transportation help, and where it will be bought from. We would like to be with you during the selection process. 


Beef Manual Matt Turner 2/9/2010 342 KB
Beef Cattle Showmanship Help Chelsy Hailey 1/15/2019 1640 KB



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