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Hi livestock or future livestock families! We are so excited to get started with this 2021-2022 livestock season!

Validations will also be a signupgenius registration process as well now, so please look for an email with that included soon or see our website It will be appointment based almost, but that plan is just for the summer validation. The times were also extended for that purpose.

Registration Papers or Bill of Sales will need to be sent to either ag teacher as soon as you receive them. If they are not, this could result in your entries being declined. They will also need to be brought with you to validations.

For Transportation please send an email to the respective teacher on your transportation and show plans for the year. If you will need us to haul, we need to know now, on the other hand, if you are transporting yourself or other students animals, we need to know now. We will help with as much as we can, please help us with staying in communication.

Thank you for your cooperation! If you have any questions, please let us know. 
Chelsy Hailey and Alyssa Burris

 Find the Tab of your animal when you see the drop down on this tab so you can see any tips about your livestock project.

See the State and County Validations tab for validation dates.

KEEP IN MIND, the Ag Teachers are and will be your supervisor as long as you are under College Park FFA. This means, communication is a MUST and visitation of the animals cannot be restricted. It is our job to supervise over the year, help with anything needed, and sign your entry papers. We strive to give you the best opportunity possible, but we cannot do it without your help.

1. Please read the handbook that corresponds with the animal project you would like to raise and the rules and regulations page. You must have the signature page signed at the beginning of the school year.
2. Barn Fee Deadline
If you are raising an animal project at the barn you need to have your barn fee paid by two weeks before the animal arrives. This will allow us to know exactly how many pens we will need. 

3. Tag In Dates- see show info under Animal Projects tab or home page

4. If you ever have any questions please email one of the ag teachers at your school and we will be glad to help. 

The barn rules are posted below and the barn is located at 1119 Pruitt Rd. The Woodlands, Tx


Cedar Shavings
1912 Avenue H, Rosenberg, TX  77471
Phone: (281) 342-4554

New Waverly, TX 77358
Phone: (936) 344-2306

J&D Feed Store

My Feed Store
Conroe, Tx

Tractor Supply


Quality Counts FAQs Alyssa Burris 8/31/2020 104 KB
Quality Counts Enrollment Alyssa Burris 8/31/2020 127 KB
Barn guidelines and procedures 2021-2022 Chelsy Hailey 7/11/2021 620 KB



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